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Barbara Carrellas ( and is a sensual revolutionary who delights in blurring the lines between sacred and profane, enlightened and perverted, pleasure and pain. Barbara is the author of Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the Twenty First Century and Luxurious Loving: Tantric Inspirations for Passion and Pleasure. She is the founder of Urban Tantra®, an approach to sacred sexuality that adapts and blends conscious sexuality practices from Tantra to BDSM, and the co-founder of Erotic Awakening, a pioneering series of workshops focusing on the physical, spiritual and healing powers of sex. Barbara was named Best Tantric Sex Seminar Leader in New York City by Time Out/NY Magazine for her Urban Tantra® workshops. This fall Barbara will be presenting new workshops in Sweden, including the European premiere of her internationally successful Urban Tantra® Professional Training Program. Barbara is a proud graduate of the Coney Island Sideshow School with a double major in fire eating and snake handling.

Photo by Barbara Nitke




Kinky Twisted Tantra

What happens when you combine Tantric and Taoist techniques for building and sharing sexual energy with conscious power exchange and intense sensation? In this participatory workshop we will gleefully push and pervert Tantra into ecstatic new realms.
     You'll learn how to combine the heart-filled, spiritually energizing techniques of Tantra with the intense stimulation and heightened awareness of SM and you'll have the opportunity to find the blend you like best. You'll learn:
     *how to fly into ecstatic, timeless states of consciousness,
     *how to create your own personal container of breath, safety and comfort,
     *techniques for traveling longer and further, plus
     *necessary skills for safe landings back on earth.
     You'll also get to play with some rope and get and/or give some intense sensation.
Please bring  12-foot length of 1/4"-3/8" rope and a blindfold




Erotic Breath


Breath is your greatest source of energy and aliveness. It can produce so much pleasure, it will amaze you. Once you become familiar with moving erotic energy around with your breath, you'll find all your erotic encounters to be much more fulfilling. Your orgasms will be longer and deeper. You will share a more authentically intimate connection with a partner. You'll even find yourself using breath techniques in non-erotic situations to bring erotic energy to more and more areas of your life.

In this workshop we will learn and practice a variety of simple breath techniques that you can put together to to create unlimited erotic possibilities. Then we'll  put them together to explore the vast range of orgasms which lie beyond those achieved by genital stimulation. Finally, we'll practice energy orgasm techniques that you'll be able to incorporate into whatever kind of sex and play you enjoy.

Photos by Allan Penn