Alain Jadot


His Workshop:

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"Born 1947 made in Trance.
He lives and works as a trancelator since 1967 in Berlin
between two cities, two women,
two languages and three cultures.
He will die too soon and unknown.""Born as a favourite son of a noble Iberian mother and a father out of Ardennes: Jadot is not only famous for this fabulous descent, but geographically  by Jadotville, the third largest city in Congo.
He survives in Berlin as graduate continental European.
Two children.
Tax class one.""Often imitated, never duplicated, Jadot succeeded in his lifetime to be a myth.
He was not only compared with others, but confused with them, Marilyn (sex appeal), Elvis (voice), Chopin (profile), Einstein (tongue), Pinocchio (nose) and last but no not least with its homonym and impersonator Alain Jadot."




Corps à Corps - Life Nude Drawing - Couplesalainjadot-ws

As an extension of the usual situation of figure drawing with a single nude model here couples and small groups are in front of the eyes of the artists. The models are more than just "lonely" naked bodies, they develop relationships, stories and drama. The overall situation is not planned as a normal drawing course, but as a format to think over:"What do these bodies want to tell us?"

For drawing as well as for posing nothing else is necessary than the pleasure of try out. Do I want to draw or to be drawn? Or both? Great in each case. The workshop is as well adequate to experienced artists as also for interested amateurs. Anyway, it is not an academic drawing course, but more in the tradition of the "Bridge Painters" - Capture the essence, in a short time.

A 'sexperience' of the third kind also

Photo: © Norma Drimmer