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Nala was born in 1980 in Austria. At an early age she discovered her enthusiasm for sports and ballet.

From her regular practise arose the idea of using somebody as a living piece of sports equipment. After a while this fantasy got a name: trampling.

After coming out in 2000 she soon started her first, tentative experiments. These were followed by step exercises and ballet practise on passive co-players.

In 2001 Nala moved to Hamburg to study computer science. In addition to her studies, she practised as a switcher (later on only as dominatrix) and found herself fascinated by single tail whips. Especially bullwhips captured her heart and she learned to throw these whips, to control and to use them.

In professional circles she quickly became a recommended insider for long whips.
By now she’s giving workshops and instructing colleagues.




"It’s the fascination of controlling a whip that makes a solid bull obey.”

This workshop is divided in two parts. For one there is the theoretical part, dealing with various single tails, considering advantages and disadvantages of different lengths and crackers and a little digression on how to discern a quality bullwhip from a poor whip.

The second section – the practical part – deals with handling a single tail. We will focus on different techniques and exercises. Of course there will also be practical advice on cracking a bullwhip without blasting the hairpiece from your own head.

If you own single tails and/or bullwhips and want to make more of them than “only” a threat, you are welcome to bring them along. Since the workshop will be held indoors maximal lengths of single tails should be 1,50m. Of course I will bring my own bullwhips and single tails, which you can also use. Thus it is not required to have your own whip.




"It is the step directly into the heart.”

This workshop is divided in two parts. For one there is a small theoretical digression about the human body and which of it’s parts are acceptable for trampling.

In addition we will discuss the choice of footwear and there will be some advice on how to keep your balance.

The practical part consists of first steps on a partner and breathing exercises for the reclined part. Together we will practise to step up from barefoot to footwear (high heels) up to ballet heels or pointe shoes. We use the passive part as catwalk or sports equipment.

Adequate footwear (high heels, boots with profile, sports shoes) is required for this workshop. Owners of ballet heels or pointe shoes are invited to bring these along.