Simala und Pangur


Her Workshop:

Languages: German, English







Simala and Pangur met each other through the efforts of mutual friends in Berlin in 2009. After some sniffing, they developed a close friendship over time including a play partnership. The latter is defined by a mutual preference for feline role play as well as by deep mutual trust.
They both bring more than 10 years of experience with different facets of BDSM into this special relationship between an owner and her cat.

This constellation is the starting point for the shared play to develop with the given relations of roles and power. With a lot of joy for the topic they are feeling out new ways of filling it and to expand their common understanding for this particular type of petplay.

According to rumor, neither is the previously mentioned cat low-maintenance, nor is his owner easily satisfied.





For ages cats have fascinated human beings. We connect them to various qualities and characteristics, and yet they seem rather intangible.
Roleplay in this area often just confirms simple erotic clichés and offers neither depth nor long-term potential for development in those involved.
With a bit of creativity and under the umbrella of BDSM, a multitude of possibilities emerge to flesh out or realize these roles.

The goal of this workshop is to playfully explore the cat's essence. Which forms of nonverbal communication can be adapted to this type of roleplay? How do these new ways of expression affect the participants and are they being interpreted correctly? Can a new freedom be opened up in the context of this role and what is the appeal for the individual?
We invite all the participants to find answers to these questions together. We will bring in the experiences we have gathered on this topic as well as a lot of passion for the game itself.