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    Thorsten (p_l_u_t_o) Just is an electronics student and developer of electronics in his everyday life.

    While in the beginning he was "only" into BDSM, five years ago he added petplay, and furry shortly thereafter. Both play an important part in his life without determining it altogether. Throughout years of contact with members of the various subcultures he continued to expand his body of knowledge and now feels at home in all of them. As a "polymorphously perverse" person he is interested in all different kinds of play, not only within BDSM. He gives workshops on these various topics several times a year, in which he enjoys sharing his experiences with others.

    p_l_u_t_o is involved actively for the BDSM community as an organizer in the SMJG e.V. and on the board of BDSM Berlin e.V.

    Photo: © rlm




    Homo Canis - the Human, the Dog, the Wolf


    "Canidae" are known as the family of dogs that not only include domestic dogs, but also e.g. foxes and wolves. For millenia there has been a close connection between this species and humans. The dog is man's faithful companion while the wolf represents its evil counterpart.

    But dog and wolf are not just all around us, they are also inside some of us. The most well-known example is surely the Werewolf, who already appears in cave drawings. On the other side, humans can be just as devoted, as is usually said of dogs. It is less well-known that there is a group of people that perceive themselves as animals, or feel that they are hybrids of human and animal.

    This workshop is about exploring how much dog or wolf is in us, In different exercises we will get to know some aspects of petplay (specifically dog-play), lycanthropy and furry. The goal is to break through the border between human and animal. We will feel the dog's trustfulness as well as the wolf's wild primal force. We shall blur the frame of normal human existence, with its rules and duties. Each participant has the chance of discovering a new world, a world that gives us a vacation from being human, and exploring primal drives and desires.

    Photo: © Holger Just