The News 2011


Welcome to our News page!

Here you will find current general announcements as well as all important changes to the program.






11. June 2011

The Festival is SOLD OUT and the online pre-sale is closed.

Today from 12:00 h until 17:00 h the last online pre-sale tickets (20) have been available.  These tickets are sold now and the online pre-sale is closed.

On Fri. 29th of July there might be probably a small number of left-over/resale/not picked up  3-day-passes available at the box office...  The box office opens at 10 a.m.  Please be there in time!



05. June 2011

The Festival is hitting the finishing straight in its preparation...

...the xplore-Xtras are on line now and there will be more suggestions added.

...the Schedule was slightly reorganized and is finalized now.

...still missing workshop descriptions and translations will be worked out soon.



26. April 2011

The Festival is nearly SOLD OUT and the Online Reservation is stopped.

There will be another (20) 3-day-passes availabel from 10th till latest 15th of July. Plaese check then and go through the online registration...

During the event, however, there will be a small number (20) of left-over 3-day-passes available at the box office...

1-day-passes will not be available anymore.

Please refrain from asking for tickets by email!  Just wait and/or pass by at the box office! Thank You!


We have a special contingent of tickets for people coming by plane from a far distance as they have to book their flights in advance. Please inquire through the contact page.


10. Februar 2011

The Workshop Program for 2011 is now quite fixed and on line

The Workshop Program is still subject to change.  Some Workshop could be added, some other  cancelled without further notice.


You can also find all the programs of the last 7 xplore-festivals (2004-2010) in the archive.



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