Flügelkatze and Nightwolf


Their Workshop:

Language: German, English






Flügelkatze and Nightwolf are a couple for about 2 years now. They fell in love on a petplay event and since then have build up a montly petplay round table and are present in the german petplay community.

While Flügelkatze already has been into Petplay for several years, Nightwolf was pretty fresh on that topic, just exploring this new side of himself.
After a short period of being a human dog, he started with ponyplay and both quickly found out, that this is, what they like to do. Before, Nightwolf had nothing to do with BDSM at all, but is now even more eager to share his knowledge and experiences with everyone who is interested.

Petplay is a game for Flügelkatze and Nightwolf, not their complete lifestyle but they regularly switch from their daily job lives to their shared hobby.

Photo: ©2008 Mystifur at the CSD in Hamburg



You may have seen them already on the internet or at certain events. Human ponies who enjoy being trained by their master or mistress, pulling carts or simply performing in their outfit. But what is this mindset about? What does it give the people to act and being treated like a horse?

The intention of this workshop is to give you an insight into this unique world. For this, we will concentrate on the communication aspect of pony play and will focus on the special play style "dressage".

Ever tried to guide your partner with a horse-bit in his mouth, not speaking to him and only using the reigns while his eyes are blindfolded? And if that works, what about complex figures or obstacles? Concentration, devotion and empathy are important prerequisites for this kind of game and can lead to a very intensive experience, apart from the “normal” fetish you often see on the internet.

Take a chance and learn that it can be fun to really work with your pony or to be challenged as a human horse. We show you what you can do and give you the chance to find out yourself what pony play can mean to you. Of course with a big portion of fun and in a relaxed atmosphere...





Photo: © Jaddy