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Moira and Tua are a couple since ten years, they live together and got married four years ago. Moira is practising SM since 1989, first exclusively dominant, in the last years also submissive. Meeting Moira opened up a totally new dimension in Tua´s life. The love for his mistress makes it possible for Tua to enjoy his devotion, to extend his limits of pain, to increase his lust and to develop his feminine aspects. In 1996 he met Moira at a SM-party and it was love at the first hit. United through a lively and intense love Moira and Tua explored many aspects of BDSM and live them in their daily life with lots of fantasy. One of the techniques they developed was Cocktraining. Moira and Tua want to show and teach the participants of their workshop the stimulating and energetical power of Cocktraining.



CBT – Cock & Balls Torture

In our workshop you will have the opportunity to learn about the undreamed-of possibilities of CBT in an intimate and safe setting. What woman doesn’t wish for her partner to stand firm for hours giving her multiple beautiful orgasms? This exactly is the goal of CBT. Switching between pain and lust can produce extraordinary stability without ejaculating too soon. A man doesn’t have to worry any more, since everything lies in the woman’s hands.
Women often are under the impression, that they have to be careful with men’s cocks. Men often think they could use a harder grip frequently. The techniques shown in this workshop can be easily integrated into role play, such as teacher/pupil, interrogation, age play.


Moira is going to demonstrate all techniques with Tua and the participants will have time and room enough to try for themselves. Every couple should try not only to copy what Moira shows but feel free to experiment following their own dynamics.

The workshop is a mix of Moira’s demonstration and your action and experience with your own – or jointly owned – cock. It will take place in a separate room, which will be closed when the workshop starts for creating a safe atmosphere without permanent disquietude and disturbances. There can be up to 20 players – 10 cock-tamers and 10 cock-bearers.
Depending on the situation, spectators might be allowed, but never more than the number of players that are present. We ask the spectators to be very sensitive and regardful with the situation, since the action is very intimate and delicate.

We do care for a safe handling – small sets of condoms, gloves, lubricant and a little cane will be prepared for the players and can be taken home for further training by the participants. If you should wish to utilize further equipment, please bring your own toys, e.g. riding crop, cane, clamps, which you like being used on you and you’ll be safe.

If you want to participate actively, you should look for a partner beforehand, since otherwise the time for the actual experience might get too short.
The workshop will be held in German, but because of the demonstrations it can also be easily followed without an understanding of the German language.