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Anna Peak lives in Berlin. She is a video/performance artist and compulsive smut writer. She has hosted numerous BDSM workshops at Mr Leather Toronto, Berlin international Womens BDSM Conference, and Unholy Harvest Ottawa.



Kinky people fuck up, too  

Still facing stigma and prejudices as sluts and perverts, some of us spend a good deal of our time explaining the ethics of BDSM to vanilla friends, family, and strangers. We have a lot to offer- negotiation skills, respectful yet challenging ways to demand informed consent, playful techniques of self exploration...
During Xplore let us be honest- we try to be good perverts, and of course we sometimes fail... especially in our most intimate relationsships.


What is my position within that particular relationship (age, BDSM experience level, gender, class, race...) and how does that affect my play persona/ my BDSM role?
How can we turn failure and fucking up into a healing process?
What is an abusive relationship?
Disclaimer- This is not a group therapy session. Please show up to the workshop only if you are into reflecting on a community responsibility level. Do share your own experiences if you have processed them to some degree.



Genderfuck with Masksanna-genderfuck

Be anyone you want to be- sad little girl, fierce genderless warrior, masochist grandpa, brazen whore lady, bratty school boy, shy baby cyborg... but do wear a mask. After a brief speed dating style negotiation session we will dress up and put on our masks -interaction without facial expressions!
Masks and some costumes provided- feel free to bring your own!









Needle Kites and Decorative Piercinganna-needles

Sharps are so much more than just pointy things that penetrate skin! Jewellery, kites, ornaments, corsets, wings...
Advanced needle play workshop with focus on needle pulling/kiting: elastic string attached to needles stuck in skin- and off you go, kite...