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My personal quest for healing began in 1991 when my gynecologist discovered a large tumor growing on my right ovary. Although I confidently put myself in the care of traditional Western medicine, I knew I would need more than surgery to return to vibrant health. And so began a journey that took me around the globe and brought me into contact with some of the world’s most gifted teachers and healers. At journey’s end, I arrived at an understanding of the dynamics of illness and health and gained deep insight into the importance of living freely and passionately. My views on women’s health issues as well as female sexuality and spirituality were dramatically transformed. My personal healing path became the foundation of the teaching work that I have offered for a decade in workshops and private practice.

After earning a Masters in Energetic Medicine from Dr. Robert Jaffe’s School of Energy Mastery in Sedona, Arizona, I continued to study the healing work of Barbara Anne Brennan, Caroline Myss, Chris Griscom and Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. Blending the healing modalities of these powerful women with my own intuitive understanding of the spiritual journey from illness to health, I established a private practice in Switzerland and worked with terminally ill cancer and AIDS patients.

A longtime interest in sacred sexuality brought about collaborations with two renowned Tantric teachers who where working in Europe, John Bellicchi and Alan Lowen (the founder of The Art of Being*). Together with my women’s team, I created a modern day version of the healing temples that existed thousands of years ago. In the role of sacred prostitute, I had an opportunity to combine my intuitive knowledge of human sexuality with my skill in energy work to become a sexual healer. But my true calling immerged when I began focusing my energy specifically on female sexuality and started creating workshops exclusively for women. Releasing the confusion and sexual disorientation that is part of modern women’s regrettable heritage became the central theme of my work. I developed very simple and direct techniques to challenge and guide women out of their hopelessness and disappointment and into a rediscovery of sexual innocence and joy.

Today, I teach a pallet of unique programs for women that range from weekend get-togethers to a yearlong intensive course called Wings of Joy®. My hands-on approach to sexual healing attracts hundreds of women each year, as well as referrals from couple’s therapists throughout Europe.

Born in Detroit, Michigan, I have lived in Europe for over 30 years. I am a wife and the mother of two adult children and I live in Zurich, Switzerland. In 2003, Tim Luis my first grandson was born...


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Flight of Fantasy

In this workshop, participants take a journey of erotic self-discovery, connecting and expanding into unexplored new directions. You will experience the magic of disguise, the sensuality of erotic play and the thrill of evolving into new dimensions of sexual self-expression.

Fantasy is defined as the creative play of the imagination. Maggie opens an unstructured play space for sensual creativity. Kinky or sweet, soft or hard, top or bottom, participants will take a fantastic journey toward more sexual intensity and authenticity. As fantasy takes flight, we gain a deeper more authentic experience of who we are as individual sexual beings.
What is your dream, your fantasy, your hidden longing?
With permission and space, what will you do?
FLIGHT OF FANTASY is a safe space for your inner pictures to meet the outer world.

Photo: © Gian-Marco Castelberg

Exhibitionism for the Shy


Wanna’ start showing the world the REAL you?

Perhaps you are not a cross-dresser, a drag queen/king, a flasher or a performer of any sort. Perhaps you prefer to watch rather than show off. Perhaps, like most people, you are a bit shy about letting it all hang out and tooting your horn from the rooftops.
We all have parts of ourselves that we feel shy about sharing, parts of ourselves that remained hidden - secrets that are dying to come out.

In this provocative workshop, Maggie, herself a shameless exhibitionist, will support you in finding the voice that sings your own praises. In a series of simple, safe, amusing exercises, you will begin to discover the inner safety that comes from allowing yourself to be seen. Isn’t it time to begin sharing your beautiful self with the world?
Tips and tricks on leaving the shy wallflower behind and embracing the exhibitionist that lives at your core.