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 Language: German, English





Laudana lives and works in Berlin as a freelance author. In her free time she is a passionate sex researcher.



Bacteria and Virus

While we expect our doctor to use sterile disposable instruments, we play with bodily fluids like children in a sandbox...

This workshop is about safety precautions during erotic games, whether SM, DS, with or without penetration. So that we can have uninhibited fun along the way, we should pay a little attention to the general set-up beforehand.

HIV and other germs: Where can you lick, suck and stick it in carefree – and where and how is it better with protection? Are my whipping tools clean enough, which ones shouldn’t be shared? What needs to be considered during golden shower games? Which substances are suitable for mucous membranes, which ones could lead to problems? Where shouldn’t I hit, what to do if sub’s hands start going numb? The little claviature of candle waxes...

These are a few spontaneous examples that I would like to discuss with you. I’m looking forward to your experiences of and questions about many more games and forms of filthiness!



Male Subs

I keep realizing that submissive heterosexual men seem to be having a hard time: They are constantly dealing with social expectations of their role and behavior. Men do that in general, but it’s a more intense phenomenon in the play of dominance and submission. And many, no matter their orientation, have submissive desires, precisely because they wish to flee expectations of their masculinity or want to practice gender-bending.

In the gay or queer scene it isn’t so difficult: there can be a tough leather guy licking the other’s boots, and no one gets upset... A man can’t be small and passive. Or can he? But why is that identified with weakness? For some, the consequence is still that S/M is only lived at home. Or when other men aren’t around. Because that gaze – of the other man – seems to be the real problem for many. 

It’s a man’s world: Does that image need to be protected most precariously towards male colleagues, teammates, buddies? How many images of masculinity can there be – and which ones? We would like to exchange experiences and opinions with you about this, and also find some new perspectives. Because I am a persistent explorer in the infinite vastness of masculinities.