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Zana has always been fascinated by the realm of inner transformation and that paved her personal and professional highway. She believes in the individual potential to be capable of both cavorting in the earthy pleasures and encountering the selfless silent serenity, while celebrating these states and their nuances with awareness.

After graduating in Psychology a decade ago she has been globetrotting, living and working in different countries among which Portugal, Holland, UK, Germany, Brazil, USA and India.

This nomadic lifestyle and a touch of serendipity gave her the scope to develop various programmes and initiatives and explore cutting-edge and creative therapy pathways. Ultimately, her purpose is to inspire and offer a genuine contribution to personal growth.

Yoga has been part of her life for over 8 years and she is a certified Hatha Yoga teacher. To complete her holistic package she currently studies Naturopathic Medicine in London.

Zana offers a constellation of workshops and retreats all over the world, on the subjects of Yoga (Kriyas, asanas, pranayama and meditation), Detoxing, Raw Food, Self-development and Interpersonal Skills.

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Animalesque Yoga


Humans were not the 1st ones doing Yoga. Surprised?

Once again animals were first. Way back in India, animals were observed in nature, and noted for their particular abilities and accomplishments. To imitate these qualities was considered a high sign of spiritual enlightenment. No wonder some yoga postures are named after animals.
Animalesque introduces you to an animal asana menagerie. Use Yoga to evolve into different animals, meeting, dating and mating other animals.

Would you dare as a downward facing dog date a cobra? Or as a swan fight for your sexual territory with a pigeon? Or as an eagle fuck a camel?
The world is your Noa's ark and the mating season is open...