Catherine Corringer


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I am a filmmalker, working on S&M, gender, the representation of the body.Before that, i was a theater actress.
I made 4 movies :
2009 Smooth
2007 This Is The Girl
2006 : In Between
2005 : Day's Night
They were screened in many festivals, institutional ones, queer ones too.
Smooth was rewarded in 2009 by the Berlin Porn Film Festival.
I created also a performance in 2010 on "Scum Manifesto", the feminist famous Valérie Solanas's text.
My next film, "Shot", will be shot in the next months.




S&M and Representation

If we try to give a definitition of S&M practices, we could say that those games needs three elements : imagination, suspens and exhibition.
The first two elements are required for the "top" : he or she needs imagination, to make up the fantasy, or the condition for the bottom to let go. The "top" also needs to create suspens, so that the tension doesnt find release…
Very often, in S&M practices, exhibition is required for the "bottom" : he or she needs to be looked at. And it is also the top's pleasure to show his or her bottom, and the relationship between them.
Those three elements, components of S&M practices are also three essentials in cinema or theater.
That is why i would like, for this workshop, to question the relationship between theater and S&M.
When we play in S&M, it is not on a stage. We are usualy in a place surounded by other people who play and/or look.
How could we play if we think that we are on a stage, as actors ?
How could we play if we are" in front of" an audience and not "with" people that watch us and play at the same time?
Then we will have to do a show, not only play. The audience will be the third character…
In this proposition, the top is not only an actor, he or she is also a director.
In this workshop, we will try to make S&M performances. that means, not only play together but play to be looked at, for an audience.
We will then work on what is "presence", how to be really there, as an actor, on a stage.
And also how to transmit the intensity of what is felt by the players.
It will be important to choose the partner, to have complicity with him.
The workshop will be in two parts : first, the partners will prepare and plan what they want to do and show.
And then, they will show it, (in 10 or 15 minutes), everybody will watch and express the sensations they felt while watching. I will also express mine of course, and we will try progressively to define the difference between S&M plays and performances on stage…