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R. P. is an experimental artist and educator living in the U.K.
Since graduating from Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne in 2005, in Fine Art BA (hons)

R. P. has performed in Theatres, Galleries, University spaces, stages, site specific locations and alternative spaces all over the UK, Europe, USA and Mexico. Parry has received various funding and awards for her projects, including Arts Council of England.

R. P. is known for her body based queer live art, whereby her body is used as a research tool to investigate the historical importance of traditional values, the rules in social conduct, sexual science, mythologies and oral traditions and how such etiquettes have evolved, transcended and now fit neatly into people’s lifestyles. She is looking towards different aspect of participation, sexuality and shifts of energy within the performative acts and the taboos which surround breaking those integrated regulations.

R. P.'s practice is not bound to any constraints and she is a skilled printmaker, painter, sculptor and also work in new technologies, as well as delving into a range live arenas including site-specific installations, video, physical theatre, live interactive experiments, dance, intimate one on one performance pieces and stealthy interventions.

R. P. has performed in renowned and respected events being selected as an Elevator Artist at The National Review of Live Art in the Tramway, Glasgow and in the MOCA in Tucson, Arizona with cultural activist artists La Pocha Nostra. Recently she has been exploring alternative venues away from Gallery and theatre settings to more unconventional spaces DUCKIE's GayShame, The Royal Vauxhall Tavern, Torture Gardens, ACT ART and HATCH.R. P.'s work has been profiled and reviewed in ‘Time Out’ magazine, ‘A-N’ magazine and several online and paper zines. She has worked with/been mentored by some established artists such as Stacy Makishi, Annette Foster, Sam Rose, Ernst Fisher & Helen Spackman of LEBNIZ, LAB, Brian Routh, London Faerie, and Guillermo Gomez Pena.




Baba Yaga’s Bastard Childrachel-baba yaga

Artist R. P. will take the audience members on an intimate, interactive journey, alongside the river that runs through the veins of the Archetypal wild woman’s bastard child.
A semi-autobiographical tale of an alluring creature whispering a forgotten language, tonguing the air, waiting to lick up lovingly your boundaries and suck on your exposed bones. An exploration into the belly of the beast, the dark side of the wild self we pretend not to remember.
This live performance will incorporate projections of the artist as the archetypal wild woman juxtaposed alongside imagery of her late Grandmother, who was suffering from aggressive cancer at the time of filming.
The piece has shifted into a memorial, an archive, a memory, forced into the present to be experienced by a new audience. Alongside the video piece, R. P. will perform a pseudo dance for you, half strip-tease, half ritual, balanced on log shoes, you may sign up to be invited 1:1 to sit at her table and drink your fill of a close up of an unearthly experience.
Video and Sound artist Jim Brouwer created the sound and lighting.
Assistant Kat Mason.

Photo: J. Brouwer



Fuck Me Gently Into The Good Night

A one-night stand with an over-ambitious Eastern European Immigrant, who believes she can live the dream and is prepared to do anything to get it. She wants to fit in with the glamorous people but is destined to be rejected by everyone as she proclaims “Fuck through eye, fuck through throat, fuck through palm of hand, I will be good citizen.” Help her get to her destination, participate as she comedically but darkly moves through the space between power and play. Who will you become when given the opportunity to be a good citizen?

This art work was originally made after being invited and commissioned by SWITCH performance to create a piece for Charles Gatewood's photography opening. Gatewood's photos explored notions of the underground sub-cultures (gay, lesbian, transsexual, drag queens, sex workers, BDSM clubs, Tattoos, Piercing, Rituals) which were often perceived as controversial images and a world beyond most people's experiences. Later, Gatewood gained respect for his images on Rolling stone magazine and his high profiled images of 80's power yuppies on wall street. R. P. combined this with her own experiences in her existence/roles within the sub-culture and included her research, whereby she researched and working alongside women forced into the sex industry and those who are empowered by it.