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Vania Rovisco (PT)

Performing artist who's formation, practice, coaching and profession are centered on the creative and compositional tool of improvisation. Having worked with Meg Stuart in "Alibi", "Visitors Only","Replacement", "Its not funny" and in the improvisation projects "Impressions", "Revisited" and "Auf dem Tisch"; with Pierre Coulibeuf in the installation film "Dédale"; Julian Rosefeldt in "Milk"; Helena Waldman's "BurkaBondage"; amongst others. Frequently directs movement for theater productions such as "The Mother" of Brecht with director Gonçalo Amorim. Co-founder of the artistic platform Aktuelle Architektur der Kultur, AADK, existing in Germany, Spain and Portugal. She presents her own work and collaborates with musician Jochen Arbeit; performing artists Abraham Hurtado; Maria F. Scaroni and writer Thierry Decottignies within the collective. Her work takes the form of performance; live installations; installations; music and video. She also gives workshops centered upon the work of the performer and addressing improvisation into composition as a tool to generate material.

Norbert Pape (DE)

is working as a freelance dancer, choreographer, pedagogue and cultural activist based in Frankfurt am Main. Also, In collaboration with Dieter Heitkamp, Nancy Stark Smith, Eckhard Mueller and Tinu Hettich, he has been developing a free, decentralized, synchronized information exchange platform for dance communities. (

His latest collaborative creations encompass “Mittendrinnen”, which premiered at Mousonturm Frankfurt (September 2009) and “PLAY ZERO” a contemporary opera production commissioned by the Festpielhaus St. Poelten, Austria (June 2010) and "I am Yours". Currently, he is exploring the possibilities provided by the context of the museum for his choreographic practice (

He has taken part in the conception and implementation of the Frankfurt dance festival Tanzpanorama and is along with Nina Vallon and Kristina Veit one of the founders of ID_Frankfurt / Independent Dance, a union of freelance artists working in the field of dance in Frankfurt. This newly founded union aims at creating an infrastructure that supports the work of artists who seek to research, create and determine their own conditions of work. (



I am Yours - Live Installation Performance

Concept and Execution: Norbert Pape / Vania Rovisco

Human eroticism, so Bataille, brings inner life into play. He regards eroticism as the disequilibrium in which the being consciously calls his own existence in question.

What is felt is not merely confined to the senses or to the mental mechanism that rules pleasure.

It envelops us and takes our whole being.

Without the denial of excess of pleasure, it would seem a furtive or powerless emotive sequence.

Diminishing the gap of our self-ignorance, simply experiencing our erotic self in relation with the other.

I am Yours, a performance dwelling in sexuality and desire, a seductive invitation.